API endpoints

Here's an overview of the available API endpoints to manage various aspects of your SaaS application:

Auth Routes (Authentication)

  • POST /auth/signIn: Login with email/password

  • POST /auth/signup: Create a new user account 🆕

  • POST /auth/exist: Check if an email address already exists

  • PUT /auth/password: Update user's password

  • POST /auth/password-reset: Send password reset link

  • POST /auth/google: Authenticate with Google

  • GET /auth/magic-link: Send a magic link for login via email 🪄

  • GET /auth/callback/magic-link: Verify a magic link

Blog Post Routes (Blog management)

  • GET /blogposts/: Get all blog posts

  • GET /blogposts/:id: Get a specific blog post

  • GET /blogposts/:slug/slug: Get a blog post by slug

  • GET /blogposts/:slug/latests: Get latest blog posts (ignoring slug) 🆕

  • POST /blogposts/: Create a new blog post

  • PUT /blogposts/:id: Update a blog post ✏️

  • DELETE /blogposts/:id: Delete a blog post ️

File Uploads Routes (Image uploads)

  • POST /file-uploads/image: Upload an image ️

  • GET /file-uploads/:id/image: Get an uploaded image ️

Payment Routes (STRIPE integration)

  • POST /payments/webhook: Handle Stripe webhooks (for automatic subscription management)

Plan Routes (Subscription plans)

  • GET /plans/all: Get all available subscription or payment plans

  • GET /plans/:id: Get a specific plan

  • POST /plans/change: Update a user's subscription or payment plan

  • POST /plans/: Create a new subscription or payment plan ➕

  • PUT /plans/:id: Update a subscription or payment plan ✏️

  • DELETE /plans/:id: delete a subscription or payment plan

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