Create first and default plan

You'll find all the steps you need to create a default plan. Note that you will be able to create other plans directly from your admin dashboard.

Create a stripe product

To create the first plan, you must first create a product (one-time payment or subscription) from stripe dashboard where you will retrieve the price_id

Insert plan from your DB manager

Use your DB manager to manually insert an item in the Plan table by adding stripe price_id to the stripePlanId field.

Your plan can have as type 'monthly' or 'annually' or 'onetime'.

Here's Plan data example:

       "stripePlanId" : "price_1OnnunIaiqRv3A4CB5n2RoVA",
       "label" : "Starter",
       "devise" : "$",
       "price" : 18,
       "type" : "monthly",
       "createdAt" : ISODate("2024-02-25T18:45:09.764Z"),
       "updatedAt" : ISODate("2024-03-18T16:46:48.769Z"),
       "deletedAt" : null,
       "popular" : false,
       "description" : "Our Starter Website Package is perfect for individuals",
       "features" : [
              "Professionally designed website ",
              "Mobile-responsive layout",
              "Basic SEO setup to improve search",
              "Contact form integration ",
              "Social media integration"
        "active" : false,
        "position" : 1

Set the default plan


Get your plan id et define it as the default plan in the signup.component.ts file.

export class SignupComponent implements OnInit, OnDestroy {
  planId = // Plan ID; 

Backend (it's optionnal)

Set the default plan Id in .env


If everything's ok, congratulations on creating your first plan.

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